by Discount Bluehost

CORE Remote

CORE Remote is our off line workflow management product that addresses connectivity issues enabling organizations to mobilize and streamline their business processes. While disconnected from a network or internet connection CORE Remote can facilitate;

  • The completion of maintenance work orders.
  • Identifying and documenting issues and work requests.
  • Complying with HSE requirements.
  • Gathering field data including costs and readings.
  • Capture invoicing at the field level.


When able, clients can simply connect back to the network and sync the information with the CORE system. CENDEC’s systems are also known for their full audit and accounting capabilities so clients know what data was changed/created, who made the change and when that change occurred. With CORE Remote there is no productivity down time due to an inability to connect to a corporate network or lost telecommunications service. CENDEC understands that at the field operations level those individuals accept nothing less than the best tools to accomplish their tasks and CORE Remote helps get the job done when it needs to be done.