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Cendec Notification Service

With its capability to process customizable business rules, CNS allows you to specify who gets an email,  what they are allowed to respond with, and what the responses will do. Responses can be restricted to a list of specific values, numeric ranges, or free text fields. Emails can be set to expire after a defined period of time, ensuring that your employees are reminded if they do not update an important document in time. Once a valid response has been received, the system allows you to customize a set of actions that are to occur to update your external systems.CENDEC Notification Service (CNS) is a middleware product that enables company applications to send notification and process responses based on defined business rules via email. It allows your employees to process and update documents from any location, whether it be in the office or in the field, quicker and more efficiently than having to access individual systems separately.

Emails sent from CNS are completely platform independent. Messages can be read and responded to from any email client from outlook, to thunderbird, to google mail, to handheld devices. This means that employees can continue to process documents from virtually anywhere, just as long as they have an available internet connection to send their responses back to CNS. The format of the emails is completely customizable, allowing your employees to get the information they need to process documents. CNS validates all incoming responses to ensure that updates follow specific guidelines that you define.

The product has a strong set of auditing tools, making sure that administrators can track outgoing and incoming emails and see historical records of the updates that it has processed.

A significant benefit is that CNS will connect with multiple external systems at the same time, which means that you could facilitate process workflow with your financial system, accounting system, and maintenance system all with one product.